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[S!MPL] gathers more new ideas at the Leyweg


Last Saturday the Idea Greenhouse visited the Leyweg in The Hague. Joined by Jaap Wiersma from the Municipality of The Hague, we gathered more new ideas for improving the living quality of your streets and neighbourhoods. For everyone that dropped by: Thanks for sharing your ideas and your positive feedback! 

Your ideas are placed on the map at Create Your The Hague.com. Photo’s of the event can be found at our Facebook page. Check them out, like some photo’s and spread the word. Help us improve your street and neighbourhood!

Official opening of Create Your The Hague

IDEEENKAS (20 of 89)

The Hague City Council Member Ingrid van Engelshoven gathered the first ideas for our greenhouse during the official opening of Create Your The Hague.com on Saturday November 24th. Our greenhouse will now travel all around The Hague to gather more of your great ideas for improving the city.

Read the official The Hague press release: Improve your neighbourhood with the Idea Greenhouse (in Dutch).

If you’d like to see the whole photo shoot, check out the Create Your The Hague Facebook page.