Research, advice and design solutions for the built environment


We believe that the physical environment can inspire positive social, cultural, and economic development. The built environment is foremost about people, not just bricks and mortar. It provides us with places to work, live, learn and interact. We understand how the environment can both shape and impede people’s behaviour.

[S!MPL] considers the complex relationship between people and their environment to create a better fit. We have worked with managers, decision makers, occupants and user groups to create more efficient, user friendly and attractive environments.

[S!MPL] integrates knowledge and experience in environmental psychology, social science, urban planning and architecture into a unique approach. Our services range from strategy development, design concepts, communication and behavioural interventions, facilitation of public engagement through to evaluation and impact analysis. We have worked across a range of sectors – workplaces, learning environments, public buildings, transport hubs, residential neighbourhoods and healthcare environments.

[S!MPL] will not only uncover problems, we will also put forward sustainable solutions. Furthermore, we will investigate why and how these problems arise. A problem will be a lot easier to solve if one knows how it came about in the first place.

[S!MPL] is a professional and sensible project partner. Each project is unique and requires a tailored solution.

Green test sites have been planted

aanleggen teststukken website_A

Serge Wennen & Wampie Boerkamp have handed us their idea to make the ugly fence around the ‘Verversingskanaal’ more appealing. We brought the neighbors facing the kilometer long fence together and made a plan. Last Sunday, November 30, the neighbors brought their shovels and created two green test sites!

City district Scheveningen supplied the plants. The test sites are opposite to Kranenburgweg no. 88 (planted with Marram Grass) and opposite to no. 28-32 (planted with Honeysuckle).

Photo’s of the event in dire weather conditions can be found at our Facebook page.

Enthusiastic people share their ideas


It was a good day for sharing ideas in Loosduinen, The Hague! So for everyone that dropped by the Idea Greenhouse: Thanks! Your ideas and feedback are great. 

All your ideas have been placed on the map at Create Your The Photo’s of the event can be found at our Facebook page.

You’re the one who’s in control in your street or neighbourhood, so go to and put your own ideas on the map.

Not even dire weather stops people from sharing their ideas


We’ve collected some really interesting ideas in the Frederik Hendriklaan – Scheveningen, The Hague. It was very cold and wet that day. So especially for everyone that dropped by in these dire weather conditions: Thanks for sharing your ideas and your positive feedback! 

All your ideas have been placed on the map at Create Your The Photo’s of the event can be found at our Facebook page.

Check them out and share the ideas on your Facebook timeline. Thanks!