During TodaysArt Festival [S!MPL] gathered the best ideas in The Hague. On large sheets of paper residents and visitors draw their ideas for the city. Over 100 ideas were collected and shared on the Facebook website The most ‘liked’ ideas were presented to the municipality of The Hague and they were very well received.

The most popular idea, from film fans Martijn, Vanity and Sorena, was a drive-in cinema in the Binckhorst. The original drawing of this idea along with all other ideas was given by Sorena to Councillor Ingrid Engelshoven.

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Councillor van Engelshoven received the best ideas for The Hague and is excited!

Councilor Ingrid van Engelshoven was very happy with her gifts and is very enthusiastic about the project and the ideas. The councilor said among other things: “I have never in my life been in a drive-in cinema and when I saw this idea I thought that seems delightful”

She is especially happy that the project CreateYourTheHague reached also the younger generations. She sees opportunities and invites [S!MPL] to discuss with her how a good follow-up can be made.

Interactive platform

The project CreateYourTheHague was so enthusiastically received by the citizens and visitors to The Hague that [S!MPL] developed an idea for an interactive website, so everyone can share their ideas for the city with the rest of the world.

This interactive platform tries to change the traditional planning process and to facilitate new formats for planning by creating an online platform which enables enthusiasts, governments, architects and other professionals to post their ideas and plans. Through social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) people can react to these plans. When an idea or plan has been sufficiently developed and has gathered enough support, they can be realised.

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